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About BMP+ Platform

BMP+ is an innovative biofouling management platform delivered in a single user-friendly interface.

Installed on-board the ship and in the cloud, BMP+ sets a new standard in IMO-compliant biofouling management. All information is backed-up, up-to-date and easily accessible to shore personnel and regulators.

BMP+ takes biofouling management to a new level using smart management tools, unprecedented insights enabled through Automatic Information System (AIS) integration, and on-line access to professional biofouling management support services.

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Ship owners & operators

Implement best-practice Biofouling Management Plans and streamline compliance through simple certification.

BMP+ creates a unique IMO compliant Biofouling Management Plan tailored to your vessel. This will

  • empower you to decide when biofouling management measures should be implemented
  • provide a planned maintenance system to ensure that these decisions are completed on time
  • use smart tools to guide you through best-practice procedures
  • automatically upload all management actions into a detailed online record that can be shared with shore personnel and regulators
  • use automatic alerts to notify you of impending biofouling management milestones
  • provide online training and certification for your crew
  • offer you streamlined access to remote professional support services and on-the-ground assistance, and
  • ensure that your Biofouling Management Plan incorporates the latest updates in international biofouling regulations and guidelines via the cloud-based interface.

BMP+ reduces your fuel costs, prevents unnecessary greenhouse gas emissions, and ensures regulatory compliance is smooth sailing.

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Free access to this comprehensive biofouling management platform, delivering the world’s best practice in biofouling management.

BMP+ sets a new standard in biofouling management and provides unprecedented access to measurable biofouling management outputs delivered in real-time

  • simple visual tools to help track management goals and the vessel’s operational history
  • track a vessel’s exposure to biofouling and Invasive Aquatic Species (IAS) via detailed vessel operational diagnostics, enabled through Automatic Identification System (AIS) vessel history information
  • track scheduled biofouling management actions and their implementation via detailed reporting tools
  • user-determined inspection timeframes & biofouling thresholds to trigger action, and
  • receive simple certification outputs to demonstrate that all planned biofouling management actions have been implemented and intended operational profiles adhered to.

BMP+ is free for regulators and delivers cleaner ships, cleaner seas, and cleaner skies with less compliance headaches.



Good biofouling management can deliver improvements in vessel performance & environmental outcomes - but it needs to be more than just paperwork.

Vessel operators need confidence that the procedures underpinning a Biofouling Management Plan translate to tangible benefits such as fuel savings, reduced overhead costs and smoother compliance processes upon entry to port.

At the core of BMP+ is a series of smart tools developed by industry experts.

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    Dry Dock Inspections
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    In-water Biofouling Management
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    ISWS Inspection
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    Live Virtual Dry-Dock Inspection
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    Biofouling Resources
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    Professional Onsite Assistance
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    Upload Third Party Document

Dry-dock Inspections

Dry | dock | Inspections

Good biofouling management starts in the dry-dock. Designed for use with a tablet or PC, this tool provides step-by-step instructions to ensure that all areas of submerged hull are cleaned and managed to the highest standard, with a detailed photographic report to prove it.

In-water Biofouling Management

In | water Biofouling Management

In-water inspection, grooming and cleaning are essential tools to ensure reduced fuel consumption and acceptable aquatic biosecurity risks throughout the in-service period.

This tool allows users to oversee in-water inspections and to record the outcomes of in-water grooming and / or cleaning operations conducted by commercial divers or Remote Operated Vehicle (ROV) technology.

ISWS Inspection

ISWS Inspection

Internal Sea Water Systems (ISWS) require regular maintenance to ensure that essential water is supplied to on-board systems and to reduce the transfer of Invasive Aquatic Species. This tool creates a simple way to keep ISWS maintenance tasks up-to-date and integrate all reporting automatically into the Biofouling Record Book.

Scope of Work Tool

Scope of Work Tool

Third party contractors are essential to the delivery of biofouling management objectives both in dry-dock and throughout the in-service period. This tool allows users to easily generate a Scope of Works Document to provide clear and unambiguous advice to contractors so that tasks are delivered in a timely and satisfactory manner, reducing costs accumulated through confusion or uncertainty.

Live Virtual Dry-dock Inspection

Live Virtual Dry | dock Inspection

In the post-COVID world, access to international on-site resources cannot be taken for granted. The Live Virtual Dry-dock Inspection tool allows users to book remote assistance from a professional biofouling inspector using live video conferencing tools. This removes uncertainty from the process and ensures there are no surprises.

Enter Management Action

Enter Management Action

BMP+ recognises that unpredictable events can occur. The Enter Management Action Tool allows users to enter a range of management actions via a brief report, and ensures that new actions can be generated for any task.

Biofouling resources

Biofouling Resources

This tool provides a central repository to access vessel-specific documentation as well as a wide selection of up-to-date documents and guidelines relevant to biofouling management.

Regularly updated, the latest information on management practices and regulatory requirements are always within reach.

Professional on-site assistance

Professional on | site assistance

When things don’t go to plan, you need access to the best professional support services in the world. This tool provides you with a direct pathway to engage the on-site services of Biofouling Solutions Pty Ltd.

These industry-leading specialists are ready to assist you in a range of tasks including biofouling inspection (wet and dry), in-water cleaning, desk-top risk assessment and professional advice.

Upload Third Party Document

Upload Third Party Document

Biofouling management relies on a range of contractors, and so reports and documentary evidence can be provided in many formats.

This tool enables you to upload any document relevant to biofouling management, and ensures it is automatically incorporated into your Biofouling Record Book and collated with other relevant documents.