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BMP+ is an innovative biofouling management platform delivered in a single user-friendly interface.

Installed on-board the ship and in the cloud, BMP+ sets a new standard in IMO-compliant biofouling management. All information is backed-up, up-to-date and easily accessible to shore personnel and regulators.

BMP+ takes biofouling management to a new level using smart management tools, unprecedented insights enabled through Automatic Information System (AIS) integration, and on-line access to professional biofouling management support services.

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Implement best-practice Biofouling Management Plans and streamline compliance through simple certification.

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Free access to this comprehensive biofouling management platform, delivering the world’s best practice in biofouling management.

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Good biofouling management can deliver improvements in vessel performance & environmental outcomes - but it needs to be more than just paperwork.

Vessel operators need confidence that the procedures underpinning a Biofouling Management Plan translate to tangible benefits such as fuel savings, reduced overhead costs and smoother compliance processes upon entry to port.

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BMP+ will be available in late 2020
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